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My name is Carlos López, and with this project I immerse myself completely in what is my alter ego photographic-passion: photography of architecture, interior design and public and private spaces.

For the first time in my career as a photographer I decided to define in a strong way the areas in which I am a specialist. Fotolandmark is the end product of years of passion for architecture. This strong interest came into my life in the moment I met my wife, the architect Tine Durnez. She introduced me to the understanding of the aesthetics of structures, the harmony of the elements used in them, how they blend with the environment or the landscape, etc. An immense world to discover.

The philosophy of my vocation, in relation to my clients is simple: To put quality and creativity ahead without leaving behind the needs of architects.

The projects need time to be photographed, different moments of the days offer different lights, different textures, sensations. Sometimes they should be photographed in different seasons of the year. As an Spanish I am passionate about the sun, I always try to choose the most beautiful and sunny days to create the images (if the projected times of the deadlines allow it, and unless the architects require that other meteorological conditions be shown in the pictures)

In short, buildings, parks, squares, etc ... live, and my obsession is to show in my images the life that radiate all these creations.
I will be glad to meet you, and to work with you.

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